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Self-Invested Personal Pensions

Regardless of what stage you are in life, whether you are employed or self-employed, young or old, a self-invested personal pension is a tax efficient vehicle to help you save for retirement and provide an income to maintain your lifestyle.

What is a Self-Invested Personal Pension?

A SIPP is similar to a Personal Pension in that you can use it fund your retirement however there are added benefits and increased flexibility. These can include:

– Being able to invest in a wider selection of funds including unlisted shares and investment trusts
– Being able to purchase or transfer commercial property into the SIPP
– Transfer and invest into individual shares, with a personal pension, you are limited to using funds only
– A SIPP can also borrow money to purchase some investments

From anyone looking to appoint a specific discretionary fund manager to those who want to use their pension to purchase a commercial property or hold a specialist asset within their pension, we’re able to select the most appropriate SIPP provider for our clients. Once your pension has been set up, our job doesn’t stop there. We’ll constantly review your investment portfolio to ensure you’re still meeting your investment objectives and ensuring the we’re constantly providing the latest options available. Have peace of mind that your investment portfolio is kept up-to-date and growing your pension.

What is included in your Self-Invested Personal Pension service?

Guidance from
start to finish

Our professional pensions team will help to guide you through every step of setting up your Self-Invested Pension portfolio, ensuring that your money is being held exactly where you want it to be.

We make all the administration simple

Pension planning can be an admin heavy exercise. We’ll take the burden of organising your pension portfolio away and help to set things up in an easily accessible and understandable way.

Access to exclusive investment portfolios

If exclusivity is what you’re after, we have access to exclusive investment portfolios which can’t be purchased directly as an individual. Get in touch for more information.

Latest industry
tools and software

We provide insight into the latest industry tools and software to carry out our research for your pension and show you the benefits and any limitations of the products available.

mortgages for first time buyers

You should be aware of the fees that may be involved in buying a property which may include:

  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Mortgage product fees subject to lender
  • Valuation fees subject to lender
  • Solicitor / legal fees
  • Independent valuation that you may wish to carry out
  • Broker fees
  • As a seller / vendor – estate agent fees

What makes Crystal Financial Solutions different to other Pension Planners?

Whole of market – this means we are not tied to any pension provider and can use all available to us in the market.

We provide independent, bespoke and unbiased advice.

We provide a crystal clear/bespoke solution based upon your individual circumstance to match the best pensions for your financial circumstances. 

We understand the complexity of different pension types and we’re here to bridge that gap to make the process as simple as possible.

The Crystal Financial Solutions team have been operating for 20 years, and have gained a wealth of experienced in pension planning.

We’ll help you throughout the whole process and not just when the pension is being planned.

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