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As a Director or Business Owner, your main focus will be the growth of the business. The loss of a key person, director or employee, even if only for a short term, can have a large impact on a business. At Crystal Financial Solutions, our advisers provide bespoke solutions, recommending you the best products to suit your requirements and keep your business protected.

To ensure your business is protected, we show you the liabilities that you could face and explain to you in detail how we can cover them. Our process with regards to business protection includes the following:

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How much revenue you would lose if a key person or director was to become critically ill or die?

  • Could I benefit from tax-efficient protection through the business than taking it out personally?

  • Could my employee’s families benefit from death in service cover?

  • Will the business survive if a partner dies or was unable to work?

  • What are the financial risks of not protecting the greatest assets of a business?

Types of Business Protection

Types of Business Protection Cover

  • Why Re-mortgage my house?
    When you agree to a mortgage deal, you get an initial rate or introductory rate. However, this initial rate will come to an end – whether that’s in 2, 5,10 years’ time, when that happens, you’ll move on to your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR). Re-mortgaging will allow you get the best rates again.
  • Can I get a mortgage?
    This will depend on your individual circumstances and finances. We will work with you to find the best rates and offers to help meet your mortgage objectives and goals.
  • How much deposit do I need?
    There are now some lenders offering 5% mortgages, however there will be some criteria to be met. Once we know your circumstances and what type of mortgage you require, we can let you know the amount of deposit you will require.
  • Can I get a mortgage as self-employed or as a contractor?
    In a short answer, yes. It will depend on how you are operating (sole trader, limited company, contractor) and some lenders may require 2 to 3 years’ of accounts. We will guide you through the whole process and look at your personal situation to find the right lender for you.

How it Works

How it works
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A chance to meet the team to discuss your financial needs and goals

We carry out full market analysis to get you the best terms available

We will present the most suitable course of action to meet your objectives

We apply for your covers to ensure you are fully protected

We regularly review your cover to ensure it is still competitive






Other types of cover
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Other Types of Cover Available

Whole of Life Cover
Mortgage Protection

 You can trust Crystal Financial Solutions with your Business Protection

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Whole of market – this means we are not tied to any insurers and can use all the providers available to us in the market.

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We understand the complexity of different companies and we’re here to bridge that gap to make the whole protection process as simple as possible.

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We provide independent, bespoke and unbiased advice.

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With Crystal Financial Solutions operating for 20 years, you gain from the wealth of its experienced advisers.

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We provide a crystal clear/bespoke solution based upon your circumstances to match the best products to your financial circumstances.

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We help you throughout the whole process and not just once the products have been implemented.

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Speak to one of our Business Protection specialists

Leave your details below and one of our advisers will be in touch to discuss your next business protection policy and book you in for a detailed consultation.

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