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Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance ?

Life cover can be a valuable asset to have if you have a mortgage or just want to provide a lump sum for your family to cover the costs of living should the worst happen. This acts as a financial safety net for when you may need it the most.

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Types of Life Insurance


Level Term Cover
Covers you for a specific amount over a specific term based on your needs and circumstances. Cover value and premiums stay the same throughout the plan unless you decide to apply indexation to the cover.


Decreasing Term Cover
Covers you for a specific amount and term based on your current repayment mortgage and remaining term. The cover amount will decrease monthly based upon your remaining mortgage.


Example of how
Life Insurance can
protect your family

Tim suffered a stroke at age 47 and sadly passed away a less than a year later. He had taken out a life insurance policy a few years prior for £500,000.

His wife Lisa was a housewife and was dependent on her husband’s income. She made a claim and was able to pay off the outstanding mortgage of £200,000 and used the surplus of £300,000 was used to give her some financial security.

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Things to Consider

  • Life cover will only pay out on the diagnosis of a terminal illness or on your death within the term to your beneficiaries.

  • This will not pay out on a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer, or the loss of income due to an illness or injury.

  • ​Unique to other types of insurance in the market, Life Insurance can be taken out for the rest of your life depending on your budget and requirements. This is known as Whole of Life Cover.

How it Works

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A chance to meet the team to discuss your financial needs and goals

We carry out full market analysis to get you the best terms available

We will present the most suitable course of action to meet your objectives

We apply for your covers to ensure you are fully protected

We regularly review your cover to ensure it is still competitive






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Other Types of Cover Available

Whole of Life Cover
Mortgage Protection

Why Use Us?

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We provide free bespoke non-obligation quotes

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Whole of Market
We use all the providers in the market

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We give independent and unbiased advice

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We put your policy in trust
for free

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