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Protection Glossary

Below are list of protection and life insurance terms to help you understand the products.

How it Works

Data Privacy Notice
Explains our data handling policies.
Emergency Funds
Funds you set aside for emergencies. Usually amounting to 6 times current monthly expenditure.
Fact Find
A document which allows us to collect data about your circumstances so we can use it as the basis of our advice.
Guaranteed Premiums
Premiums that are guaranteed and will not change throughout the term of your policy unless you include indexation.
This is where your insurance increases annually, usually in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). A method of inflation proofing your policy.
Initial Disclosure Document
A document which highlights how we are regulated, the services we offer, and confirms how we are remunerated our services.
Key Features Document
This is issued by the insurer and explains the key features to your plan.
This is the difference in what cover you have at the moment and the amount of cover that you require or is necessary to fully protect you.
Sum Assured
The amount you are insured for.
The length of time you are insured for.
Terminal Illness benefit
Provides a lump sum pay out on the confirmed diagnosis of a terminal illness. Terminal illness is one where a specialist doctor or consultant has confirmed that the life assured's life expectancy is less than 12 months.
Total Permanent Disability benefit
This pays out a lump sum if diagnosed with a total permanent disability which meets the insurers criteria. This is usually included in critical illness cover plans.
Trusts are a straightforward legal arrangement that allow you to leave insurance proceeds to whoever you pick to be your beneficiaries. Placing a policy in trust can help avoid lengthy and costly probate processes and may help to mitigate Inheritance Tax. The type of trust will depend on the type of policy you apply for and will be chosen & completed according to your intentions. You would have to nominate trustees who will make the claim and distribute the proceeds to your beneficiaries.
Waiver of premium benefit
Waiver of premiums cover your monthly premiums on your insurance policy if you are unable to work as a result of an accident, or injury. The premiums are waived after a deferred period which could be 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the insurer. The premiums are waived until you return back to work or until the expiry date of this benefit.




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