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How much income will you need when you retire?


Among one of the most important questions in financial planning is income in retirement. We use the ‘70% rule which states you will need 70 percent of your working income to maintain the lifestyle you want in retirement.

With people living to a greater age, retirement now represents a far greater proportion of our lives than previously expected. We all must accumulate more when we are earning to meet the extra costs of living longer. The decisions we make today will have far-reaching consequences long into retirement.

How Pensions Work

How Pensions Work

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Pension Services


Personal Pension Plan

Individual pension plan, also known as a Private Pension used to save for retirement

Self-Invested Personal Pension

Type of personal pension where you can choose where the money is invested


Small Self Administered Scheme

Pension scheme through a limited company

Group Personal Pensions

Also known as a workplace pension scheme run by an employer



Pays a regular guaranteed income in retirement

Pension Income Drawdown

A way to taking an income in retirement whilst the pension keeps growing


Retirement Planning

Making informed decisions to help reach your retirement income goals

Tax-Free Cash Lump Sum

Usually being able to take up 25% of your pension tax free at retirement

 What makes Crystal Financial Solutions different to other Pension Planners?

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Whole of market – this means we are not tied to any pension provider and can use all available to us in the market.

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We understand the complexity of different pension types and we’re here to bridge that gap to make the process as simple as possible.

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We provide independent, bespoke and unbiased advice

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The Crystal Financial Solutions team have been operating for 20 years, and have gained a wealth of experienced in pension planning.

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We provide a clear/bespoke solution based upon your individual circumstance and match the best lenders to your financial circumstances

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We look after the whole process from start to finish, from the first meeting to completion.

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Speak to one of our Pension Planning team

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The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

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